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By partnering with Fund My Contract to provide your customers financing plans, business owners of all types and sizes are giving customers the ability to shop with more money, add onto their anticipated sales, and the room to add additional services or warranties the member may wish to provide. Thanks to the vast network of consumer finance companies, Fund My Contract can also help provide financing options to customers who may not qualify elsewhere.

Give your business the boost it needs by offering simple financing solutions, no matter the type or size:


Home improvement projects can occur unplanned as a sudden emergency for homeowners, or after a long and arduous planning process. Offering your customer finance solutions is an excellent solution to present to your customer in their time of need or desire to improve their homes and lives. No matter what size the project is, any home improvement business can benefit from partnering with Fund My Contract.


Fund My Contract is a leading provider when it comes to retail financing solutions, offering a wide variety of flexible payment plans for your customers. When a member chooses to provide consumer financing for appliances, jewelry, furniture, electronics, or any other retail product, they are creating a great sales experience for their customers as well as an opportunity to boost their overall sales.


Auto repairs are often unexpected and normally more expensive than what your customers can afford at the moment. With Fund My Contract, you can provide them with financing solutions that solve their problems and worries, without incurring on any big out-­‐of-­‐pocket expenses. Customers can have the piece of mind knowing that a transmission or uninsured collision repair doesn’t have to be a big burden on their bank accounts, while helping your business be more competitive and reliable, and increasing your income.


Not every procedure or treatment is covered by health insurance. Now, your patients can count on you to come to their aid. That’s why partnering with Fund My Contract allows your practice to offer simple and flexible financing plans that let your patients fulfill their desire to improve their lives or get the treatments they need. Give your patients the opportunity to make the right medical decisions, while increasing your income.


Not all education and training qualifies with the normal tuition-type lenders. And not many students have the funds to pay your tuition and fees before they learn your craft. We specialize in helping you provide your students with payment options in lieu of paying entirely out of pocket. This allows them to make smaller payments, or possibly no payments, while receiving their education, and then they can conveniently pay it off after they have secured employment or a promotion based on their newly acquired and highly valuable education. Whether it's going to school, continuing education, specialized coaching, or any type of career or training, Fund My Contract can help you acquire more students for your school or business by offering them very desirable payment options.


There are many times in life that we have to face unexpected situations that we cannot afford at the moment. There are also times we want to make a big transformation in our lives that requires a huge monetary investment, like going back to school. For these moments, Fund My Contract is the solution for your customers. We provide many financing plans that allow your customers to face these situations with the piece of mind they don’t have to break their bank accounts to overcome their challenges or fulfill their desires.

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