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Solar Energy Contractors

We offer the lowest merchant fees that keep your margins high and prices low.  Our Low APR and long term loans allow low payments to compete with electric bills. Let us make financing the easiest part of your day!  Avoid the hassle of financing with our easy and simple financing program- made just for solar contractors like you. Get your cash FAST! 

The Best Solar Energy Financing
The Fund My Contract Advantage:
The Fund My Contract Advantage
  • Once Simple App
  • Multi Lender Platform seamlessly increase approval rates
  • Access to Prime, Near Prime and Subprime Programs
  • Soft Credit pull -tell your customer– “Let’s see if you qualify”
  • Instant decisions
  • Low Merchant Fees Keep Margins High and Price Low
  • High Approvals and Low Rates
  • Approvals up to $100,000
Stay ahead of your competition with the most powerful financing program in the industry

Why Choose Us?

Launched in 2012, Fund My Contract offers more than access to the best lenders and technology platforms; we are a community of merchants and lenders focused on creating shared value. We have over 30 years experience with Point-of-Sale Consumer Financing and will provide free coaching and consultation so you can grow sales quickly and easily.

Why choose us

Fund My Contract Contractor Benefits

Zero Startup Cost Enrollment is free with no recurring monthly fees.

Instant Decisions and Rapid Funding

Choice of Loan Products- SAC, No Interest and No Payment for Promo Periods and many more!

Dedicated Customer Support- and Concierge Service

Maximize Cash Flow

Rapid Funding

One Simple App

Increased Approval Rates

Approvals Down to 550 FICO

Low Merchant Fees

The Best Contractor Solar Energy Financing available today!

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to
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Here is supplementary information to help grow revenue and win projects with Fund My Contract’s Low payment options

Higher Margins and Lower Merchant Fees with Solar Financing through Fund My Contract

Customers want the best deal on the products and services they need.. But when you’re paying double-digit merchant fees to offer financing options to close a sale, your profit margins suffer and your business fails to grow. Fund My Contract has a better solution. Our network of lenders are ready to work with solar companies who want to see an increase in sales revenue, receive their payments faster, and offer their services to a wider customer base. When you work with us, you sell your products at a fair price to more clientele without passing the cost of high merchant fees to the customer just so your business can barely scrape by on miniscule profits.

Access to a Wider Clientele:

Solar panel companies that offer customer financing options with low monthly payments generate more revenue and enjoy an uptick in customer satisfaction. Happy customers means more leads through enthusiastic online reviews.

Streamlined Financing Process:

We can help your solar company grow by reducing the barriers that prevent customers from moving forward with a purchase. Whether they can’t afford a one lump sum payment at the time of sale or they want to do some comparison pricing with your competitors, financing options with Fund My Contract can help you secure the sale with higher approvals, low payments, and manageable terms. 

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Fund My Contract empowers Solar Energy to overcome financial barriers and accelerate their 
business growth. By embracing flexible financing options, Solar contractors can cater to a wider range of clients, streamline their 
financing processes, gain a competitive edge, and take on more substantial projects. With Fund My Contract as their 
partner, Solar professionals can unlock their revenue potential and thrive in the ever-evolving industry.

Financing through Fund My Contract

The Fund My Contract network of lending partners offer a wide range of financing options to meet the needs of every type of client. Some customers will prefer a low monthly payment, others will prefer greater flexibility in the length of the term. We represent a variety of lending partners who specialize in financing solar companies who want to cater to a diverse group of customers with innovative funding programs that are the best in the industry.

We’ve streamlined the approval process so that your customer can select the payment program suited for them, fill out an easy online application requesting basic personal information along with the amount needed for financing the purchase, and get approved at eligibility criteria that considers more than just the applicant’s credit score.

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Financing through FMC2
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The Benefits Solar Financing with Fund My Contract

Higher Approvals:

Higher approval rates mean more customers can purchase your products and services, putting more money in your business and increasing your sales. Our network of lending partners determine the eligibility of the customer and offer the appropriate financing options based on a number of factors.

Credit score plays a contributing role in the approval process, it is not the primary basis on which financing is offered. This allows for a higher rate of approval as applicants with less than excellent credit histories can still have access to financing programs through our lending network.

Additional considerations are factored into the decision – debt to income ratio, employment history, and the amount that has been requested for financing all come into play when an offer is made by the lender.

Higher Profit Margins

Solar companies are having a tough time working with the other lenders because they’re charging such higher costs to do business. That puts the squeeze on companies who are trying to grow and thrive, forcing them to charge higher prices for solar panels and installation costs. 

The Fund My Contract network of lenders are ready to take on new merchants who want an affordable alternative at lower merchant fees with financing options that will boost customer satisfaction. Lower merchant fees allow you to keep your prices affordable and enjoy higher profit margins.

Our lending partners offer your customers the financing programs that are best-suited to their needs and once the application is approved and funded, that money goes directly to your business. The applicant cannot spend it elsewhere. Should they ultimately decide not to close the sale with your solar company, the application is not funded.
This generates more revenue for your business with faster payments made at the time of the sale.

Edge Out the Competition

Solar panel companies who offer financing to their customers gain a competitive advantage over rival companies that fail to give their customers options when making a purchase. When a customer has more time to pay for solar panels at easy-to-afford monthly payments, they are more likely to convert the sale. That makes your business more attractive to the marketplace.

But it’s not just the solar company across the street that can make a customer think twice about completing a purchase with your business. Solar panel dealers and installers are also competing with the local electric company. Fund My Contract financing options can make paying for solar installation comparable to a customer’s monthly electric bill.

Cleaner, sustainable energy at a reduced cost with low monthly payments on financing through the Fund My Contract lender network is the competitive advantage that can keep your company on a consistent trend of upward growth. 

Non-Recourse Plans Available

Solar panel business owners shouldn’t have to worry about chasing after unpaid invoices on completed work. Fund My Contract financing partners take on the burdens of missed payments. If a customer misses a payment or defaults on the reimbursement of a financing agreement, the lender handles collections and your business keeps the money paid for the products sold and work that has been performed by your company. 

Once an application has been funded and the monies paid to your solar business, you hold no further responsibility for ensuring the customer makes good on the payments. The lenders are tasked with collections. You continue to focus on growing your business, reaching more customers, and providing exceptional solar installation services to the community.

Learn How Fund My Contract Can Help You Succeed

Contact us today. Our customer service representatives are ready to discuss how Fund My Contract financing programs can increase sales for your solar company. We can answer any questions about the membership process and offer further details on the type of financing that our lenders specialize in providing to your customer base.
Fund My Contract has solutions to the challenges solar businesses may currently be facing when it comes to offering consumer financing to customers who need it most. Call us, we’re here to help.

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to
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