Chiropractors can grow their practice by 20 to 30% by implementing an effective patient financing plan. Remove sticker shock with low payment options. Get paid in full before their treatments are finished.

Fund My Contract makes growing your practice easier and more efficient by giving you higher approvals and the best rates for you and your patients!

The Fund My Contract Advantage

  • Once Simple App
  • Multi Lender Platform seamlessly increases approval rates
  • Access to Prime, Near Prime and Subprime Programs
  • Soft Credit pull -tell your patient– “Let’s see if you qualify”
  • Instant decisions
  • High Approvals and Low Rates
  • Approvals up to $55,000
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Use Fund My Contract For These Procedures And More

  • The Diversified Technique
  • Spinal Manipulation
  • Thompson Drop-Table Technique
  • The Gonstead Adjustmen
  • The Activator Method
  • Flexion Distraction
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Extremity Manipulation

Fund My Contract Chiropractic Practice Benefits

Zero Startup Cost– Enrollment is free with no recurring monthly fees.

Choice of Loan Products

Increased Approval Rates

Low Merchant Fees

Instant Decisions and Rapid Funding

Maximized Cash Flow

Approvals Down to 600 FICO

The Best Medical Financing Plan available today!

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Are You New to Chiropractic Care Financing?

Below we have ancillary information. We hope you find it educating and informative. Contact us today to get started or with any questions

Chiropractic Care Financing

It is common for patients to think that they can relieve pain with just one chiropractic visit. However, a course of treatment usually requires several visits. Patients may not even be covered for those visits depending on their insurance type (such as an HMO).

Depending on the severity of the patient’s pain, he might opt for traditional medical treatment. Invasive surgery or prescription medications may or may not offer effective, lasting relief from pain. It could involve merely masking the pain instead of eradicating it.

Do chiropractic care providers have other options for patients who wish to engage them?

The answer is yes: Chiropractic Care Financing from Fund My Contract!

Benefits of Low Payments

It is convenient and risk-free for patients to apply for financing online and receive a decision quickly. There are many financing options to choose from, including multiple payment plans and promotional offers like zero percent interest if the amount is repaid in full.

Furthermore, financing offers stable rates and fixed payment terms. The repayment schedule of loans differs from that of credit cards, so patients know when they are expected to repay their loans.

Patient’s Health Benefits

Financing treatments means that patients won’t have to stop treatments early because they can’t afford to maintain them. Their condition can be treated until it is relieved through financing.

Patients who require more treatments than their initial estimate of relief can add the cost to their financed amount and continue to receive treatment.

Preventative chiropractic treatments reduce the number of patient visits to a physician and even the need for surgery and prescription medications.

Fund My Contract’s low payment solutions makes financing your chiropractic practice simple and seamless. Discover how it can benefit your patients – and your practice – by scheduling your demo today.

We are the Chiropractic Care Financing Experts!

Chiropractors who work with us enjoy a competitive advantage on generating clients due to our hassle-free Chiropractic Care financing options.

We make it easier for patients to get approved and receive the therapies and adjustments they need to be well.

We understand how a reliable financing company should operate and that has motivated us to continue innovating new ways in which financing can be offered so businesses can expand and grow.

Fund My Contract has been built upon the idea that a merchant friendly point-of-sale financing company can meet the needs of business owners big and small through exceptional customer service, effortless and effective on-boarding, and increased approval rates.

Importance of cash-flow for a chiropractic business

Achieving revenue growth has never been more important for chiropractic businesses as the healthcare industry becomes more competitive. For chiropractors, steady increases in the number of patients who need treatment are typically good news, but this can only be accompanied by an increase in revenue. Cash flow is fundamentally the most important factor affecting revenue. Having a steady flow of patients as well as a financial safety net is critical to the success of your business. To ensure your cash flow is steady (that we will discuss later), there are a number of strategies you can employ, but before we begin, we want to emphasize one thing: having a plan.

Offering payment options will increase revenue in a chiropractic office. One of the biggest drawbacks that discourage patients from accessing certain healthcare practices is related to limited payment options. A growing number of processes are being streamlined, and people are seeking easy and convenient ways to accomplish their tasks.

Providing a wide range of payment options is crucial for chiropractic businesses. Consider alternative payment methods that can be completed remotely in addition to accepting cash and credit cards on the day of an appointment.

Offer financing options in chiropractic offices to increase revenue The high cost of healthcare prevents many patients from receiving the treatment they require. Health insurance plans often do not cover chiropractic care, despite the majority of people having it. Due to this, you should consider strategies that allow patients to access your services while still making sure you are paid.

In order to accomplish this, we offer the best chiropractic financing and billing options that are tailored to the needs of each individual. Identify your patients’ financial situation, and discuss the options they have with them. It may be helpful to offer your patients a payment plan, in which they are required to pay for their services over a specified period of time.

As well as ensuring that your business gets paid, financing options demonstrate to patients that you value them and are willing to meet their needs. You can increase your traffic when patients share their positive experiences with their friends and family after having a positive experience at your business.

Having a range of financing options catered to each patient’s needs can have a trickle-down effect, not only benefiting you but also attracting new clients.

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