The following summarizes our policies with respect to nonpublic information which is collected though this website, how it is used and the safeguards we have in place to protect such information.

The website is operated to provide a consumer lending exchange that connects sellers of products or services that are intended to reach consumers through personal contact (“Dealers”) to consumer finance companies (“CFC”) and vice versa.

In the course of providing this service, the website transmits certain personally identifiable information, such as a customer’s name, email address and social security number; information of this type may also be transmitted with respect a co-borrower. Additional information that may be transmitted on the website includes, but is not limited to, information contained on an application for credit submitted by the customer such as employment history, credit history, and other pertinent information that may be used by the CFC in assessing whether it wishes to extend credit to a customer (collectively “Personally Identifiable Information” or “PII”).

The PII that we collect from the Dealer and CFC may be accessed by those of our employees who need to know such information in order to provide the services to the Dealer and CFC. We do not provide or transmit PII to any third parties, other a Dealer or CFC, who must agree to follow appropriate standards of security and confidentiality. FMC does not monitor, however, the uses that Dealers or CFC’s use of PII and specifically disclaims any liability for the unauthorized use of such information.

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