Launched in 2012, Fund My Contract offers more than access to the best lenders and technology platforms; we are a community of merchants and
lenders focused on creating shared value. Our Founder has over 30 years experience in Direct Sales and Consumer Financing and has created this amazing financing platform to easily grow revenue fast.

We Streamline The Process

Fund My Contract has partnered with multiple lenders and consumer financing companies that will compete to win your business and offer you the best finance solution available for your customer.

Also, in order to simplify today’s conventional yet complicated application systems, we established an automated credit approval bidding process that is efficient, seamless, transparent, secure, and mobile.

Our paperless and easy-to-use application system can be used from your device which allows you to complete and review credit applications, get instant approvals, and helps close more transactions by offering on-the-spot customer financing solutions.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we’ll amply take care of all your consumer financing needs, from preferred rates, terms, and incentives, to less than prime alternatives, and access to the best financing tech to get your customers, clients and patients approved in seconds.

In 2012 Fund My Contract, LLC, was founded to provide access to not only a customer finance platform, but also a community of like-minded merchants and lender members focused on creating shared value. Our members include small to midsize merchants, contractors, and medical offices that are looking for reliable and consistent consumer financing in an easy, technology-driven way.

We Are the Customer Financing Program Experts

We specialize in identifying customer financing programs and fitting them into your current sales process.  Our expertise will help increase your revenue while you are offering the lowest fees and the highest approval rates to your customers, clients and patients. We will match you with the best lenders for your business’ needs.  We offer you the opportunity to focus on your strengths, while the simple yet sophisticated technology our members have access to, manages your financing and  giving you the freedom to scale stress free.

Joseph Galluccio CEO and Founder

With more than 30 years of experience directing as many as 5,000 employees and distributors in companies with revenues more than $400 million, Joe has led many companies through start-up survival, turnaround, and growth modes. Joe served as Sr. VP Sales, Marketing, and Operations for Collier’s, a division of Macmillan Publishing; Sr. VP Sales/Marketing and principal for American Direct Credit, a national consumer finance company that was sold to Capital One; and Founder and CEO of Brainstorm, LLC.
Following our founder’s example, the FMC team is here to help you succeed. Our easy onboarding makes offering the best consumer financing quick & simple. Whether you need financing or want better financing, Fund My Contract is here for you. We are never too busy to help you succeed.  Become a member today.

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