Avoid the hassle of financing your clients with our easy and simple financing program-made for Timeshare Exit Professionals just like you.

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The Fund My Contract Advantage:

  • Once Simple App
  • Multi Lender Platform seamlessly increase approval rates
  • Access to Prime, Near Prime and Subprime Lenders
  • Soft Credit pull -tell your prospect –“Let’s see if you qualify”
  • Instant decisions
  • High Approvals and Low Rates.
  • Approvals up to $30,000
Fund My Contract Advantage

Why Choose Us

Launched in 2012, Fund My Contract is more than a lending platform; we are a community of merchants and lenders focused on creating shared value. We have over 30 years experience with Point-of-Sale Consumer Financing and will provide free coaching and consultation so you can grow sales quickly and easily

Why Choose Us

Fund My Contract Merchant Benefits:

Zero Startup Cost Enrollment is free with no recurring monthly fees.

One Simple App

Instant Decisions and Rapid Funding

Approvals to 600 FICO

Up to $30,000

Up to 84 months terms makes payments very affordable

Maximize Cash Flow

Rapid Funding

Low Merchant Fees

We make it Easy for You to Find Solutions for More Clients

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to
finance your customers

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Does Your Firm Need Timeshare Exit Financing?

Timeshare arrangements are a popular option for owning a vacation property which might explain why the timeshare exit industry has only continued to grow over the last five years. Limited availability, loss of interest in the property, and stringent restrictions for resale are some of the most common instances of buyers remorse. That doesn’t even take into account the timeshare owners who are no longer able to continue making the payments on their contract.

We can help you reach the clients who need the services you provide but may not be able to afford them. With Fund My Contract Timeshare Exit Financing, your firm can offer affordable financing options to these individuals and help them pay for the knowledge and expertise necessary to get out of a burdensome timeshare contract. That financing can cover both the cost of leaving the timeshare and the fees charged for your service.

The cost of hiring a timeshare exit company can be prohibitive to many prospective clients. But our financing program can put your services within reach for your customers, even those with less than perfect credit.

In today’s economy, that can be highly beneficial for both you and your customers.

Fund My Contract Provides Access to Timeshare Exit Financing

Fund My Contract is the innovator in point of sale (POS) consumer financing for businesses across a wide range of industries. We offer access to lenders with innovative financing programs that have increased sales numbers of companies just like yours for more than a decade. We match businesses with financing partners and lenders who are ready to work with timeshare exit companies big and small.

The business model is simple. When your timeshare exit company becomes a qualified Fund My Contract member, we connect your business with appropriate lenders who can give you the ability to provide a low-cost financing option to clients who are seeking your services for exiting a timeshare contract.

When your company has access to a wide range of banking institutions, lenders, and financiers, your business is able to grow and succeed. Working with Fund My Contract can give you that access and offer both new and existing clients the ability to engage your timeshare exit services at affordable monthly payments instead of paying in one lump sum.

The Fund My Contract Membership Model

Fund My Contract can make your timeshare exit company more affordable to a wider range of clients by allowing you to offer financing options with monthly payment plans to fit every budget. The way it works is simple – your company is paid in full for your services, minus applicable fees, and your clients get the help they need to exit the timeshare contract they no longer want at low monthly payments.

We want to help your timeshare exit company grow and succeed by presenting more ways for your clients to quickly and easily exit their timeshare contract.

The Fund My Contract membership model is founded upon the idea of having your timeshare exit company offer multiple lending choices to create the right financing plan tailor-made to meet the needs of your clients. This is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. We have relationships with a wealth of lenders who understand the particular challenges that come with providing timeshare exit services.This specialized understanding allows you to help more clients and grow your business.

The formula is simple:

Multiple lenders


Higher approvals


Increased Revenue.

We Make Timeshare Exit Financing Easy

Timeshare exit financing doesn’t have to be complicated. Fund My Contract makes it easy to participate in effortless financing plans without subjecting your customers to high rates, complicated applications, and long, drawn-out approvals. We can get clients with FICO scores of 600 or above the payment options they need to hire your services.

Lower approval thresholds means more clients choosing you over your competitors to get them out of timeshare contracts at affordable payment schedules.

We understand the last thing you want to do is spend your time chasing down delinquent accounts. You can avoid all of that as a Fund My Contract member. The network of lenders we provide are ready to pay you in full, upfront, for services rendered to clients who wish to enroll in a monthly payment plan with your business. We take on the responsibility of collecting those payments from your clients each month, not you.

You never have to chase down overdue and unpaid invoices again.

Fund My Contract timeshare exit financing can also take the financial pressure off your customers who may turn to credit cards with high interest rates to pay for your services. Spending limits reached on current cards will often have customers opening new credit card accounts to enjoy the benefits of your expertise. The result is a relentless cycle of credit card debt for the customer who first turned to you to get out of a timeshare they couldn’t afford. In the end, their financial situation has only been made worse, not better.

Our financing options can benefit your customers by giving them an alternative to high interest rates and crippling credit card debt. Fund My Contract payment options come with low terms, no penalties for prepayment, and affordable fixed payments each month that don’t come with surprise fees and additional hidden costs.

Payments and Approval Criteria

Every Fund My Contact member has zero responsibility for clients who default on a payment. Once your business is paid in full for a client’s invoice, the lender takes on the responsibility of collecting payments on the loan. Since we offer both non-recourse and limited recourse lending arrangements, the responsibility for collecting monies owed falls strictly on our lending partners.

Our established network of trusted lenders provide access to prime, near prime, and subprime programs for a wide range of flexible financing options to clients with varied credit histories. This flexibility allows for higher approval rates and fast lending decisions at some of the lowest interest rates in the industry.

Since our lender network does not rely solely on credit score alone for approvals, you can offer your services to more clients to help your business grow. There are additional factors that lenders often consider when making a decision to approve a client, including employment history, debt to income ratio, and loan amount requested to engage your services.

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to
finance your customers

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