Increase Sales and Grow Your Business Faster with Generators and Batteries Financing through Fund My Contract

Financing options improve your customers’ buying power and increase loyalty to your business. Power outages can be frustrating for anyone, but a backup generator offers reliability when the harsh elements and natural disasters make dependable electricity an uncertainty.

It’s the same thing with your generator business. When an interruption in revenue has stifled growth, you want a reliable ally to help you meet sales projections, even in an uncertain economy.

With generator financing through Fund My Contract, you can make it easier for customers to convert sales on big-ticket purchases by giving them a choice to pay for the quality generator parts, services, and installations you offer across low monthly payments instead of all in one lump sum.

Fund My Contract

The Fund My Contract Advantage:

One Simple App

Instant decisions on approved credit.

Multi-Lender Platform can seamlessly increase approval rates

High Approvals and Low Rates

Access to Prime, Near Prime, and Subprime Programs

Lower monthly payments

Soft Credit pull. Tell your customer “Let’s see if you qualify”

Approvals up to $100,000

Stay ahead of your competition with the most powerful Generators and Batteries financing program in the industry

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to finance your patients

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to finance your customers

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Make that Expensive Project More Affordable with Financing

Make that Expensive Project More Affordable with Financing

The number one reason why a customer decides not to proceed with a purchase, despite all indications to the contrary, is because the customer can’t afford to close the sale. Your estimate is more than fair and reasonable, your company has excellent customer reviews, but when the time comes to complete the transaction, the customer balks.

In most instances, the customer can’t fit the full cost of the project in the budget this month or the price was more than he or she had anticipated spending. Whatever the reason, you were unable to complete the purchase and that is money you won’t be putting towards growing your business.

But what if you were able to make the cost of installing that home backup generator more affordable to the customer? When you offer financing options through Fund My Contract, our network of lending partners can provide your customers with a variety of choices on how to pay for the peace of mind that comes with a backup power generator.

The Financing Option that Fits Best

Every customer is different and when it comes to generator financing, the range of programs that fit best can vary dramatically from one customer to the next. Some may want financing options with low monthly payments, others may prefer fixed rates, while still others may need flexible terms no matter what the loan amount may be.

Our network of lending partners is ready to work with your generator business to give your customers the financing option that fits best with their monthly budget and financial situation. There are no hidden costs and no prepayment penalties to provide power for buying with confidence.

A customer who isn’t worried about paying for the work all at once feels empowered to accessorize and upgrade. Generator financing through Fund My Contract can improve your profit margins and increase revenue as the customer decides to purchase a larger size home generator than the less expensive model they had initially intended to buy.

The Financing Option that Fits Best
Simple Application

Simple Application, Faster Approval

A customer can participate in the financing program that fits best by filling out a quick and easy application on the Fund My Contract mobile site. The application asks for basic personal data and once completed, our lending partners review the customer’s information along a standard of criteria that considers more than just the customer’s credit history and credit score. More factors are taken into account including debt to income ratio, employment history, and the amount that has been requested by the customer.


The application can receive instant approval for access to the financing needed to approve the estimate and hire your services. Don’t worry about the customer getting approved and then spending the funds elsewhere. Fund My Contract financing programs restrict those funds from being spent with another contractor or any other retailer or business.


Those funds can only be used to hire your services for this project


It’s another way that Fund My Contract offers you peace of mind to know we’re on your side to help you build your business and grow revenue.

Faster Approval, Faster Payment

The sale is complete, the application has been approved, and the financing has been received. Now the best part of all: Your business gets paid in full when the work has been performed. You receive the full payment on the invoice and the sale is complete.


Generator financing through Fund My Contract means there are no more missed or late payments to chase after on unpaid invoices. You have finished the work you were hired to do, now you can generate leads for new customers.


You can start by telling them you offer generator financing in your advertising. Customers who know they have choices when choosing a contractor often select the one who will make their expensive project more affordable right from the start.

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We have helped small business owners like you bring in more customers and increase revenue by offering sensible finance options that are easy to understand and won’t have any impact on a customer’s credit score just for submitting an application.

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to
finance your customers

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