Offering a low payment option for your High Ticket products, procedures and services can result in a 17% increase in incremental sales and a 15% increase in average order value.

Fund My Contract makes High Ticket sales easier and more efficient by giving you Higher Approvals and the tools to overcome the price objection!

The Fund My Contract High Ticket Sales Advantage:

  • Once Simple App
  • Multi Lender Platform seamlessly increase approval rates
  • Access to Prime, Near Prime and Subprime Lenders
  • Soft Credit pull -tell your prospect – “Let’s see if you qualify”
  • Instant decisions
  • High Approvals and Low Rates.
  • Approvals up to $100,000

Here are Some Industries We Provide Access to the Best High Ticket Financing Programs on the Planet


Top Coaches and Consultants finance their high ticket courses, programs and events and get fully funded in 24-48 hours


Premier Dental Chains and individual Practices take advantage of our lenders low rates to increase revenue


Elective Surgery Centers and Cosmetic wellness professionals put their patients first with low payments for their procedures


If your company sells face-to-face, retail, over Zoom or by phone, Fund My Contract makes financing your customers simple and easy


Home Improvement Professionals never have to lose a job due to client credit issues Access to Prime, Near and Sub-prime lenders can assure your deal gets closed


Higher approvals help create a better more safe. ,eco-friendly world by selling and installing more high ticket water, air and solar solutions


Tax Professionals and National Chains help more clients with their IRS challenges with access to finance up to 30k


Time Share Exit experts are growing their businesses by offering the best high ticket financing on the planet


Media Agencies are getting paid in full while their clients are still making low monthly payments to our lenders.

Fund My Contract Merchant Benefits

Increase Approval Rates With APR Starting As Low As 2.99%

Multiple Bids From Lenders

Approvals Down to 550 FICO

Maximize Cash Flow

Low Merchant Fees

Rapid Funding

Increase Sales

Organize Applications & Funding With OrderTracker

Increase Average Ticket Size

Improve Customer Buying Experience

Mobile Application Processing

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High Ticket Financing is the Choice for TOP Businesses and Practices

Providing customer High Ticket financing, boosts sales, converts more customers, increases customer loyalty, and drives repeat business. No matter what kind of business you operate, whether coaching / consulting, direct sales, home improvement, dental / medical practices, or retail, modern consumers expect you to offer financing, and providing more flexible payment options helps you attract new customers.

Using the correct High Ticket Financing changes everything. Customers are often surprised by the affordability of things they didn’t think were that affordable. As a result, sales increased, order values increased, and customers were happy and referred others.

Fund My Contract (FMC) Solutions to Common High-Ticket Sales Challenges

Price Objections:

The price point is one of the most common sales objections salespeople encounter, even for more moderately priced products. We are all hard-wired to resist giving up our hard-earned money, and our reluctance can be intensified when the price tag is especially high.

Using the FMC financing system you can remove or overcome the price objection by giving you access to the most enthusiastic lenders for your industry. They offer the lowest rates for you and the lowest payments for your customers, clients and patients. Also, you can always use the “lets just see if you qualify” close and get an instant decision with no ill affect to their credit score.

Maintaining Trust

Using empathy to form relationships with your client is key to any High Ticket Presentation. One problem some representatives find themselves in is when closing, their empathy ceases to exist when they cannot solve payment challenges. Your client recognizes this and terminates the presentation and may find a solution elsewhere.

FMC gives your reps the tools to keep the relationship they’ve built strong. By offering an affordable payment option for your High Ticket product, service or procedure your rep is always finding solutions to your client’s pain points. This insures the trust built between them remains intact and keeps satisfaction as well as closing rates high.

Limited Customer Base

Salespeople who are experienced in handling High Ticket transactions, may know that there is a limited market who can just write a check for their expensive purchases. Marketing and lead generation costs rise because of this limitation of payment options.

FMC Gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base by giving you access to people that could not afford your product service or procedure. With Prime, Near and Subprime lenders at your fingertips, you can offer financing to most anyone. Build a bigger book of business with Fund My Contract

Fund My Contract is Your High-Ticket Financing Solution

Offering Fund My Contract’s High Ticket financing solutions to your customers creates a win-win situation. Your business grows while customers, clients or patients benefit from your expertise.

For your business the right financing solution can easily increase your sales by 20% -30%. For your customers, presenting an easy way to pay for those High Ticket purchases in low monthly installments increases affordability and satisfies your customers desire for instant gratification at the point of sale.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Fund My Contract to start offering the best High Ticket financing today and start increasing revenue and delighting your customers. clients or patients tomorrow.

PRO TIP: Once You Sign Up, Don’t Forget to Promote You Offer High Ticket Financing

The 6 best ways to promote your High Ticket financing to increase sales and attract customers

Promote that you offer financing. Some businesses / practices that offer financing for their high ticket products, services or procedures, but don’t take advantage of the marketing opportunities that come with it.

You should not assume that potential customers, clients or patients are aware that you offer finance options. It is important that you let them know. To get your creativity going, here’s some customer finance promotional resources that we’ve put together to help our business partners promote finance.

  • Create signage for in-office or practice use to promote your high ticket finance options
  • Create new sales materials and videos that highlight your low payment solutions.
  • Offer high ticket financing to everyone
  • Promote finance options in your email signature
  • Share pics of your happy customers on social
  • Reach out online and let your customers pre-qualify

Bottom line, if you’re not offering the right financing for your High Ticket product, procedure or service you’re missing out on potential customers.

Financing is a massive incentive for consumers, so if you offer High Ticket financing invest a little time in promoting your offering.

Try implementing some of the ideas listed above. You may be quite surprised by the result. Contact the experts at Fund My Contract for more Information and clever ideas.

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to
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