As a tiny house builder, you’ll want to know how to help your customers finance their tiny homes, and what loan options are available. We understand that your time is valuable, and it should be spent finding a secured loan that works for your customers. 

That's why we are dedicated to simplifying the tiny house financing process, so you can help provide your customers with their dream homes. Our specialized financing program, tailored exclusively for builders like you, provides you with everything you need to give your buyers a streamlined experience. 

After all, many buyers can’t pay for their tiny homes in cash. By offering tiny home financing options through your company, you give your customers the tools they need to purchase your tiny homes. For the customers who wouldn’t be able to afford your builds otherwise, this allows them to work with you. This, in turn, helps generate more revenue and facilitates the growth of your business.

Tiny House Financing

The Fund My Contract Advantage:

One Simple App

Instant decisions on approved credit.

Multi-Lender Platform can seamlessly increase approval rates

High Approvals and Low Rates

Access to Prime, Near Prime, and Subprime Programs

Lower monthly payments

Soft Credit pull. Tell your customer “Let’s see if you qualify”

Approvals up to $100,000

Stay ahead of your competition with the most powerful tiny house financing program in the industry

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why choose us

Why Choose Us?

Fund My Contract is committed to helping tiny house builders like yourself provide homes to your customers through high-quality lending services. By offering these loans, you can attract new clients and build revenue.

We offer:

  • Outrageously high approvals
  • High financing amounts
  • The lowest payments, APRS and fees

These comprehensive financing solutions offer a strategic advantage, giving your tiny house company the capability to connect your customers with both Prime and Subprime lenders. Buyers can find loans that work for them, at a fraction of traditional housing costs. 

With our support, you can bring in the clients and income you need to support new builds, purchase high materials, and more. You can also take comfort in knowing your company will be able to provide tiny homes to the buyers who need them the most. 

Many customers hesitate to proceed with tiny home projects due to budget constraints, which results in lost revenue for your business. However, by offering tiny house financing programs through Fund My Contract's network of third-party lenders, your customers gain greater flexibility and increased purchasing power.

Why Offer Builder Financing

Tiny homes have been growing in popularity in recent years, but most potential buyers aren’t cash paying investors with $60,000 to spare. Luckily, as a builder, you can offer any of the financing options mentioned above in-house. 

Here are some of the many benefits that come with offering builder financing through our program:

Providing Knowledge

Many tiny house buyers approach their purchase with limited knowledge of the lending and loan application process. After all, a tiny home occupies a unique middle ground between mobile and permanent homes.

By offering builder financing, you can effectively inform your potential clients about how they can finance, what to expect, and what you offer. Well-informed buyers have an easier time deciding what they want and are willing to spend, which will increase your chances of selling them their ideal tiny home.

Reach More Buyers

By offering builder financing, you’ll appeal to buyers who wouldn’t be able to afford a tiny house otherwise. These buyers will be able to work with you to secure financing, ensuring you get paid for the build. By providing more tiny home builds to more people, your company’s revenue will increase.
Providing Knowledge
more buying opportunities

More Buying Opportunities

When you offer builder financing, your customers have more access to your tiny house builds and any other services you offer. For instance, if you also build sheds and outbuildings, you can also help customers finance those smaller projects. With more options, customers are more likely to buy whatever build works for them.

Low-Credit Solutions

Buyers with bad credit may feel like they can’t pursue their dream home. By offering financing through your company, these customers have options they wouldn’t get elsewhere.
16% of Americans have bad credit, or over 41 million people! You’ll have quite a few more potential buyers when their credit score doesn’t prevent them from buying.

Fast and Easy Process

Buyers are more likely to purchase a tiny home when the process is easy and streamlined. By discussing financing options in-house, you cut out the middleman and save customers tons of time. In turn, the fast and easy process will facilitate more sales.

Our Easy Payments and Approval Criteria

Members of Fund My Contract bear zero responsibility for clients who default on their personal loan payments. Once your business is paid in full following a client’s invoice, The lender assumes the responsibility of collecting payments. Our non-recourse and limited recourse lending arrangements rest the task of collecting payments solely on lenders. 
Our well-established network of trusted lenders provides access to prime, near prime, and subprime programs. You can provide a wide range of flexible financing options to buyers of any credit score. This flexibility results in higher approval rates and swift lending decisions, all at some of the lowest interest rates in the industry.
When lenders are willing to work with all of your clients, you can extend your services to a broader clientele. Instead, the lenders you work with will consider additional factors in their decision-making process, including employment history, debt-to-income ratio, and the requested loan amount for your services.
When all is said and done, you’ll have the ability to provide streamlined, personalized financing options to your customers. This, in turn, will increase your sales, revenue, and growth.
Easy Payments and Approval Criteria

Benefits of Fund My Contract for Tiny House Builders

As tiny homes gain increasing popularity, more and more buyers will be looking for effective, convenient financing solutions. Fund My Contract can offer your company a uniquely competitive solution through our advantageous financing platform.

Increased Customer Conversion Rates

Fund My Contract stands out for our ability to enhance customer conversion rates. By providing adaptable financing choices, your tiny home company can alleviate the financial obstacles that might otherwise prevent buyers from purchasing a tiny home. Accessible and budget-friendly payment plans substantially increase the probability of successful sales.

Increased Sales and Competitive Advantage

When you offer options for tiny house loans, your company gains a competitive edge in the market. Tiny homes are an investment, so customers will likely consider different options and seek multiple quotes before purchasing. Your ability to provide top-notch financing solutions, lower monthly payments, flexible loan terms, and low-interest-rate programs will encourage buyers to choose you. 
Tiny homes are all about customer-centric personalization, so your ability to go the extra mile goes a long way competitively. 
Increased Customer Conversion Rates
Enhanced Sales Opportunities

Enhanced Sales Opportunities

If you offer loans through Fund My Contract you’ll simplify the financial process for all your customers. Hassle-free, quick applications for customers foster an enhanced customer experience. 
Sales will increase, as a great customer experience leads to an average of 5.7x more revenue. I turn, by fostering positive sentiments and building trust among customers, you’ll improve the perception of your tiny house brand.

Competitive Advantage

In a market that offers something as important as a home, differentiation is crucial for success. By incorporating Fund My Contract into your business model, your tiny house company will stand out from the crowd. Many buyers may be driven away from other builders due to the lack of financing options, so by offering flexible options, you gain a competitive advantage.

Loan Versatility and Variety

Even if tiny homes are your primary market, our financial services are incredibly versatile. Builders who sell sheds and outbuildings can also make use of our services.
Regardless of what you build at your business, Fund My Contract can help your buyers get financing. In turn, you’ll be more likely to make a sale when customers can get multiple different project types financed.

Increased Average Tiny Home Value

When customers can afford their ideal tiny home, you can create higher-quality, more expensive homes. This offers several benefits, such as increasing the average amount made per sale, the perceived quality of your brand, and customer satisfaction.
In this way, choosing Fund My Contract empowers customers to pursue better tiny house builds. The ultimate result for you is higher revenue and profitability.
Loan Versatility and Variety
Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business

Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business

Fund My Contract promotes customer loyalty through personalized payment plans and outstanding customer service. Satisfied customers are inclined to recommend you to other tiny house enthusiasts, and are more likely to trust you with home improvement projects they need in the future.

Increased Cash Flow

Rather than waiting for buyers to save up or relying on cash only customers, you can provide immediate financing services through Fund My Contract. This fast turnaround leads to an increased cash flow, enabling you to invest in growth initiatives. This includes increased access to marketing campaigns, better materials, and more. 
Our pool of eager and enthusiastic lenders allows you to increase revenue with higher approval rates and low monthly payments for your customers.

Partnership Support and Assistance

Fund My Contract extends our support beyond providing financing solutions. We offer dedicated assistance to tiny house builders, guiding you throughout the financing process. Your company can leverage Fund My Contract’s expertise to promptly address any issues and maximize the benefits of our financing programs.

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If you want to offer your customers access to tiny house financing programs tailored to their needs, look no further. Our financial experts at Fund My Contract have extensive experience offering flexible loan options for your borrowers.

We prioritize swift approvals and seamless funding, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing top-notch tiny house builds to your customers.

If you’re ready to deliver outstanding results for your buyers, visit our website, or contact us at 800-369-2761 and We’re happy to schedule your free consultation today!