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Since you are a busy Contractor, let us make financing the easiest part of your day! Avoid the hassle of financing with our easy and simple financing program- made just for contractors like you. Get your cash FAST! .
The Fund My Contract Advantage:
  • Once Simple App
  • Multi Lender Platform seamlessly increase approval rates
  • Access to Prime, Near Prime and Subprime Programs
  • Soft Credit pull -tell your customer– “Let’s see if you qualify”
  • Instant decisions
  • High Approvals and Low Rates
  • Approvals up to $100,000
Stay ahead of your competition with the most powerful financing program in the industry

Why Choose Us?

Launched in 2012, Fund My Contract offers more than access to the best lenders and technology platforms; we are a community of merchants and lenders focused on creating shared value. We have over 30 years experience with Point-of-Sale Consumer Financing and will provide free coaching and consultation so you can grow sales quickly and easily.

Use Fund My Contract For These Projects And Many More

  • Closets
  • Decks/patios
  • Doors
  • Flooring
  • Garage doors
  • Generators
  • HVAC
  • Irrigation/sprinkler system
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Patios / decks
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing / gutters
  • Siding
  • Waterproofing
  • Remodeling
  • Window treatments
  • Windows / doors

Fund My Contract Contractor Benefits

Zero Startup Cost Enrollment is free with no recurring monthly fees.

Instant Decisions and Rapid Funding

Choice of Loan Products- SAC, No Interest and No Payment for Promo Periods and many more!

Dedicated Customer Support- and Concierge Service

Maximize Cash Flow

Rapid Funding

One Simple App

Increased Approval Rates

Approvals Down to 550 FICO

Low Merchant Fees

The Best Contractor Home Improvement Financing available today!

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to
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Here is supplementary information to help grow revenue and win projects with Fund My Contract’s Low payment options

Boost Your Revenue with Fund My Contract's Innovative Solutions

When it comes to home improvement projects, contractors often face a common hurdle: clients who are unable to pay the full cost upfront. However, with Fund My Contract, home improvement professionals now have a solution that not only benefits their clients but also helps increase their own revenue. By offering flexible financing options through Fund My Contract, contractors can expand their customer base and secure more projects, resulting in significant growth for their business.

Access to a Wider Clientele:

Fund My Contract opens doors to a larger pool of potential clients who may have otherwise been unable to afford the upfront costs of their desired home improvements. By partnering with Fund My Contract, contractors can tap into this previously untapped market segment and attract clients who are seeking manageable payment options. This means more projects, more revenue, and increased growth opportunities.

Streamlined Financing Process:

Fund My Contract simplifies the financing process for contractors, ensuring seamless transactions and reduced administrative burden. By leveraging Fund My Contract’s user- friendly platform, contractors can quickly submit financing applications on behalf of their clients, allowing them to focus more on their core expertise—delivering exceptional home improvement services.

Competitive Advantage:

In today’s competitive market, offering flexible financing options can set you apart from other home improvement professionals. By partnering with Fund My Contract, contractors can showcase their commitment to customer satisfaction by providing accessible and affordable payment plans. This unique selling point not only attracts clients but also helps build long-term relationships based on trust and convenience.

Increased Project Size:

With Fund My Contract, home improvement professionals could have the opportunity to undertake larger-scale projects. By offering low payment options, contractors can secure contracts for more extensive renovations or upgrades that clients may have hesitated to pursue due to financial constraints. This opens up a whole new avenue for revenue growth and the chance to showcase their skills on ambitious projects.
Fund My Contract empowers home improvement professionals to overcome financial barriers and accelerate their business growth. By embracing flexible financing options, contractors can cater to a wider range of clients, streamline their financing processes, gain a competitive edge, and take on more substantial projects. With Fund My Contract as their partner, home improvement professionals can unlock their revenue potential and thrive in the ever-evolving industry.

Simplifying Financing for Home Improvement Projects: Fund My Contract's Low Payment Options

Fund My Contract understands the challenges that home improvement professionals face when it comes to offering affordable financing options to their clients. With their innovative platform, Fund My Contract has developed a seamless process that allows contractors to present clients with low payment options, empowering them to move forward with their desired home improvement projects

Integrating Fund My Contract's Financing Options:

Home improvement professionals can easily integrate Fund My Contract’s financing options into their existing processes. By incorporating a link on their website or client proposals, contractors can direct clients to the Fund My Contract platform, where they can explore available payment plans tailored to their needs.

“ With Fund My Contract, we can help you make your dream home a reality without breaking the bank.”

Collaborative Application Process:

When a client expresses interest in financing their home improvement project, contractors can guide them through the Fund My Contract application process. By acting as an intermediary, contractors can help clients complete the necessary information and documentation, ensuring a smooth and efficient application submission.

“Let me assist you in navigating the financing process, ensuring that you have access to the best payment options for your project”.

Providing Guidance:

Fund My Contract’s low payment options are designed to be accessible and easy to understand. Home improvement professionals can assist their clients by providing guidance on available payment plans, interest rates, and repayment terms.

“Together, we can explore the payment plans that suit your budget and ensure that your home improvement project stays within your financial comfort zone”

Seamless Project Execution:

Once a client’s financing application is approved, contractors can proceed with the home improvement project, knowing that the financial aspect has been taken care of. This seamless transition from financing to execution allows contractors to focus on delivering high-quality services without any disruptions or delays.

With Fund My Contract, you can have peace of mind knowing that your project will be completed without financial stress.

Fund My Contract’s low payment options revolutionize the financing landscape for home improvement professionals. By integrating these options into their processes, guiding clients through the application process, providing financial guidance, and ensuring seamless project execution, contractors can offer a stress-free and affordable financing experience.

Let's work together to make your home improvement dreams a reality, with manageable payments that suit your budget.

Here are five selling statements/questions that a home improvement professional can use to offer low payments to clients:

“Are you looking to transform your home without straining your budget? With Fund My Contract’s low
payment options, you can enjoy the benefits of our top-quality home improvement services while
comfortably managing your payments.”

“Imagine getting your dream kitchen or bathroom renovation with affordable monthly payments.
With Fund My Contract, we can help you bring your vision to life without compromising your financial

“Why wait to start your home improvement project? Our partnership with Fund My Contract allows us
to offer you flexible financing options, making it easier than ever to embark on your desired
renovation while keeping your budget intact.”

“Tired of delaying your home improvement plans due to financial constraints? With Fund My
Contract’s low payment plans, we can create a personalized financing solution that suits your needs,
helping you turn your house into your dream home.”

“Don’t let upfront costs hold you back from enhancing your living space. Our collaboration with Fund
My Contract enables us to provide you with affordable financing options, making home improvement
projects more accessible and achievable for you.”

Remember, these statements can be customized and tailored to fit your specific services and the
unique selling points of your home improvement business.

Get started today and differentiate your business from your competition!

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Fund My Contract is the fast, easy way to
finance your customers

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