How to Provide Financing Options for Your Veneer Customers

How to Provide Financing Options for Your Veneer Customers

Published December 4, 2023

How to Provide Financing Options for Your Veneer Customers


Veneer Customers

The cost of veneers is not covered by dental insurance. Yet there are many patients who need porcelain veneers applied and the cost per tooth can be prohibitive enough to put the work off until it can fit within your budget.

But there’s no guarantee that will happen and charging the cost of cosmetic dentistry to a credit card can have patients racking up interest charges, making the work even more expensive. That can all change if you were to offer the option to finance veneers over time, making the work more affordable across a series of low monthly payments that are manageable.

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Affordable Payment Options for Cosmetic Dental Care Needs

Monthly financing options for dental veneers helps patients afford expensive dental work that is typically excluded from insurance coverage. When the patient is unable to cover the cost in one payment, he or she tends to wait and they walk out the front door with no guarantee they’re coming back.

That’s lost revenue and your dental practice is likely to suffer because of it.

Working with our network of lending partners allows you to offer patients the opportunity to get their cosmetic dental work on a payment plan. You customize the types of plans you wish to extend to patients and you can have more than one ready to present. Your practice might have a financing program that allows for patients to pay for the work over a series of low monthly payments or flexible terms that give the patient more time to pay.

You know your patients best so you can build the financing programs that meet their needs and put costly dental procedures within reach. Chances are, most of your patients can not or would rather not pay for the cost of veneers out of pocket in cash. They want to know they have the flexibility to get the cosmetic work they need without having to break the bank in the process.

Reducing the Barriers to Conversion

Your patients put their trust in your dental practice and they are secure in knowing that you always have their best interests at heart. A treatment plan is developed to provide the best results for the long-term but even the most effective care regimen for a successful outcome can be cost prohibitive.

In the case of dental veneers, the patient has lost self confidence due to stained teeth or uneven teeth and the only thing standing in the way of a smile makeover is cost.

When you can offer financing to the patient who is looking for a perfect smile, the outcomes are far more positive. Dental financing makes it easier for the patient to get that new smile.

But just because financing options exist doesn’t always mean the patient is ready to move forward with the procedure. There are other barriers that might get in the way of a hire and Fund My Contract has taken steps to help lower these barriers throughout the application process.

Easy Applications, Fast Approvals

Your patient wants porcelain veneers but he or she can’t afford to pay for the dental procedure in cash. Using the Fund My Contract online portal, you can review and explain the various different financing options that are available and the patient chooses the financing program that fits best.

The application process is designed to be quick and simple. The patient fills out the online application supplying only basic personal information and the amount needed to cover the cost of the veneers. In minutes, the patient will receive various eligibility offers from lenders in our network and the patient is approved.

The financing comes through and the patient now has the funds ready to pay you to perform the procedure of installing the dental veneers. Your dental practice receives payment for the total cost, in full, at the time services are rendered and the patient has a brand new smile.

The patient is now responsible for making the monthly installments as per the lending agreement and should the patient miss a payment or default entirely on the arrangement, your dental office is not responsible in any way. You keep the revenue that was generated from that work, the lender is responsible for collecting what is owed in the payment plan.

No more late payments or unpaid invoices for your staff to chase down. You continue to concentrate on providing trusted dental care for the people in your community.

Easy Applications Fast Approvals

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