How to Offer Financing Options to Your Dental Implant Clients

How to Offer Financing Options to Your Dental Implant Clients

Published December 4, 2023

How to Offer Financing Options to Your Dental Implant Clients


Dental implant financing options give your patients access to the care they need to replace a missing tooth without having to pay for the work all at once. The price of tooth replacement can get expensive even with insurance coverage and the out of pocket costs will often have a patient thinking twice about going ahead with dental implant surgery. That can put the health of the patient and your dental office at risk as dental care is delayed and your business fails to generate revenue, preventing expansion and growth of the practice. But this can all be avoided when you offer options to finance dental implants through Fund My Contract. Our network of lending partners have been helping dental offices provide long term financing programs for patients who need costly dental implant procedures but can’t afford to pay for the work in one lump sum.
We can make it easy for your patients to get the dental implant procedures they need by connecting you with the most powerful network of third-party lenders in the industry. Our innovative approach to consumer financing has been giving merchants the ability to grow their businesses by giving their customers the spending power to purchase the products and services they need, when they need them, instead of putting them off to a later date which may never actually come to pass. Dental insurance isn’t always sufficient enough to cover the costs of all types of dental treatments and procedures. But financing programs through Fund My Contract make costly dental work more affordable with flexible options that can meet the needs of all your patients. Even those without perfect credit.

How Dental Implant Financing Works

The process is simple. You decide on the types of programs you wish to extend to your patients and our network of lenders work with you to develop a range of options that cater to everyone. You might offer a financing option that allows for the patient to pay for the work over a series of low monthly payments. There might be another option that offers longer, flexible terms to give the patient more time to pay. You can even offer promotional incentives of one-time-only interest rates that are available for a limited time. Patients pay less interest by taking advantage of this program.

It’s up to you to decide which programs can help the most patients. Once you have these financing programs in place, you need to get the word out. Advertising and promotional materials announcing that you now offer financing options to patients who qualify can give you a competitive edge in the community. Now when your patients have concerns about their oral health, they won’t have to worry about how to pay for the work when it is performed.

When the patient is in your dental chair, you review the choices for a treatment plan that best addresses the patient’s oral health condition. Now you can do the same when the concern turns to their ability to pay. You show the patient which programs you offer and he or she can decide which one is best for their budget.

Provide Quality Dental Care and Get Paid Fast

Your patients seek you out because of your expertise in providing quality dental care. But when they can’t afford to pay for your services, they may have to go without care or find another dentist who might do lower quality work at a lesser price. But when you have the power of Fund My Contract’s network of experienced lenders on your side, the patient fills out a quick application for the program they prefer and they can receive a fast response for approval.

Once the application is approved, the financing amount is funded and your dental office gets paid in full at the time services are rendered. You need not worry about chasing after unpaid invoices or waiting on late payments and promises that are never kept. You went to dental school to help people, you’re not a collections agent who should be chasing after monies owed for the work you’ve performed.

With Fund My Contract, the bill is paid faster and your practice generates more revenue. Even more advantageous, once the application is approved and funded, the patient must spend the money at your dental practice, the funds cannot be spent anywhere else.

Provide Quality Dental Care and Get Paid Fast

Financing vs. Credit Cards

Making options available for your patients helps to avoid a morass of credit card debt with a bank or credit union. That’s because dental implant financing is more flexible and less costly than paying for a dental implant procedure with a credit card. The terms and rates of the financing programs you can offer are far more beneficial to the customer, especially if the customer has one or more teeth missing and multiple procedures for replacement teeth are necessary. Teaming up with Fund My Contract can help your customers get access to the work they need without having to face years of credit card debt or borrow money from friends or family. All it takes is low monthly installments to pay for the dental work that is required to restore a patient’s smile.

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Just like you would urge patients to call for a free consultation to discuss how full mouth dental implants can address their dental health concerns, reach out to one of our financing experts to find out how dental implant financing can address concerns about the health of your dental business. Don’t make it difficult for your dental implant patients to get the care they need, financing can make sure your services are more affordable and necessary care is administered in a timely manner. Affordable monthly payments and increased revenue, along with a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace, Fund My Contract can help your implant dentistry practice succeed and thrive.