Maximizing Sales with Flexible Water Treatment Financing Options

Maximizing Sales with Flexible Water Treatment Financing Options

Published December 04, 2023

Maximizing Sales with Flexible Water Treatment Financing Options


Water Treatment Financing Options

Your customers want clean drinking water and your business is the one they rely on for the best equipment and dependable services to ensure their water filtration systems are installed and maintained with the utmost care. Customer reviews are five stars across the board. Your website receives a lot of traffic and your online presence features prominently in search results pages on all of the major search engines.

But the financial stability of your business is on shaky ground. You’re having difficulty increasing revenue due to lackluster sales and, despite robust interest from customers who are eager to install water softener and water filtration systems in their homes, your business is dealing with cash flow issues and missed target margins.

As a small business owner, you face many challenges that can threaten the health and prosperity of your business. It’s up to you to identify where the barriers to success exist and implement effective decisions to lower those barriers towards a path of continued growth. For many small businesses, a significant barrier to growth is failing to convert sales. Despite having the best customer reviews, fair and competitive prices, and a wide selection of products and brands, a customer may still end up walking out the door.

Why? In most cases, it’s financial. The customer is forced to put the work off to another time or decides to check the prices of your competitors because they really can’t afford to hire you right now. Not when they have to pay for the work all at one time. At the end of the day, your business fails to generate revenue from that customer. When it becomes a common refrain that echoes repeatedly for weeks that turn into months, and your business is not bringing in any new revenue, the financial stability of your plumbing company becomes more shaky and the long-term outlook grows dim.

Fund My Contract has the perfect solution in flexible financing options that make it easier for your customers to hire your services so they can enjoy clean water without worrying about how they’re going to pay for the parts and labor…and you won’t have to worry about losing sales because customers can’t afford to pay.

Reduce the barriers to conversion

If a customer can’t afford to pay for the work in one lump sum, he or she is more likely to decline the transaction and who knows if they will ever return at a later date? But with financing options through Fund My Contract, the barrier to converting a sale becomes greatly reduced as the customer now has a range of choices for paying for the work. Our network of third-party lending partners can provide your business with multiple financing programs that fit the needs of your customers.

You may have a customer on a tight monthly budget and low monthly payments are the best possible option for hiring your services. Another customer may want flexible terms with more time to pay, while yet another customer may want a lower cost for financing in the form of low, competitive rates. Whichever program works best for your customers, our network of lending companies are ready to work with you in developing the financing options that make sense for them and for your business.

Customers can spend more when you offer financing

But there’s another advantage to consider when you provide access to financing programs through Fund My Contract. Customers are more likely to increase their spend and upgrade their initial purchases. Instead of choosing the entry-level model of a filtration system they decide to go with the deluxe version, a basic service package turns into a platinum package purchase.

When your customers have financing options, they feel more at ease and comfortable with choosing more expensive high-ticket items because they don’t have to pay for it all right now. They can split the cost across a series of low monthly payments that fit imore easily into their budget.

Maximize profit and drive sales faster

When you work with Fund My Contract, you’ve partnered with a leader in the consumer financing space because we make the process easy and put your business first to help increase growth and provide wider access to financing programs that actually get results.

Generating revenue is best when it’s done with efficiency, we’ve streamlined the financing process so your customer gets a quick answer on approvals and your business gets paid in full when a sale is completed.

Every small business owner knows that it can be very difficult operating a business while chasing after unpaid invoices and outstanding bills. That interruption in cash flow can be devastating and, as a result, business owners may start to lower the prices to attract more business while waiting on revenue that has yet to be collected. But cutting into your bottom line in order to stay afloat doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Instead, offer your customers water filtration financing options through Fund My Contract. You won’t need to take extreme measures in the crucial moments where your business may not survive until the end of the month, make it easier to close sales and generate revenue faster with financing.

Maximize profit and drive sales faster

Quick Decisions with Fund My Contract

The five words no small business owner likes to hear are “let me think about it”. That means your customer is about to lose interest in the sale and you’re about to lose out on that revenue. When you make paying for water softener systems more affordable, the customer doesn’t have to think about it, he or she acts and you get hired.

Now it’s your turn. Do you still need to think about it or are you ready to call Fund My Contract? Speak to one of our consumer financing experts to discuss all of the ways that water treatment financing can help you maximize sales, grow your business, and increase customer loyalty.

Best of all, you can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by giving your customers fewer reasons to look elsewhere for their water filtration needs. Contact us today and let’s put your business on an upward trend of growth and increased revenue.