Many businesses are evolving and offering their customers Point Of Sale (POS) financing for their purchases. This is advantageous to customers and lets them purchase items they otherwise couldn’t afford by making payments.

The most common way that businesses offer POS financing to their customers is by partnering with third-party companies that specialize in offering a turnkey solution. This can be an amazing prospect, but as a business, it’s important to consider these important aspects of offering financing for your customers. 

1. Don’t Go it Alone

As a business, it can seem like a good idea to keep your financing “in-house” and handle the details yourself. Not only will this be its own full-time job that will be difficult to keep up with, but you’ll also run the risk of making costly (or even illegal) mistakes if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. 

To offer POS financing to your customers, consider partnering with a company that has a trusted, secure network of finance companies that are compliant with current regulations. These networks will often include 2nd-Look financing for sub-prime candidates. 

2. Stay Simple, Paperless, and Quick

When offering financing options to customers, you want to consider how simple it can be to submit an application to try to secure funding. Make sure that whatever process you use is as simple and modern as possible. 

Don’t mess around with options that require pen and paper forms and fax machines. You want an application process that allows basic customer information to be entered digitally and ideally will give you a credit decision instantly (or as quickly as possible). If the company has a mobile application, that is the most optimal situation because it allows you to generate new business anywhere you are, without having to be chained to a desk or office.

3. Flexibility of Funding

No matter what option you use for your financing, you don’t want to be locked into using a single source or lender. You want to submit your customer’s information to a network of providers so you can receive multiple bids. This allows you to choose and approve the bid that best fits your needs. 

Also be certain the funds are directed to you, and not the customer, so you have full control over the transaction. 

The Best Financing Options for Customers

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