Boosting Business Volume: The Impact of Financing on Client Acquisition in Tax Relief Businesses

Boosting Business Volume: The Impact of Financing on Client Acquisition in Tax Relief Businesses

Published January 17, 2024

Boosting Business Volume: The Impact of Financing on Client Acquisition in Tax Relief Businesses


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Customer acquisition plays a crucial role in the success of every small business, particularly in industries where the marketplace is saturated with competition. Since new customers can be hard to come by, it’s absolutely vital that you make a lasting impression and provide top notch service so they remember your business and recommend it to others, which in turn, helps you build a wider customer base.

This is especially critical for tax relief businesses. It’s an industry that thrives on word of mouth marketing since filing federal income tax returns can be complicated and many consumers will choose to have a professional do the work to ensure that no costly mistakes are made.

Yet many taxpayers who have missed income tax filing for previous years will find themselves dealing directly with the IRS to avoid paying for the services of a tax relief business simply because they can’t afford to pay for those services on top of what they may owe on their taxes.

That can put your tax relief business in financial jeopardy as you fail to generate revenue, fall short of your sales projections, and the result is a business that is unable to grow.

But tax relief services financing  through Fund My Contract can help. Our network of third party lending partners are ready to work with tax relief businesses like yours who could use some help attracting new customers during tax filing season and throughout the rest of the year.

Why Financing Works

Tax relief services financing  through Fund My Contract can benefit your business and customer in equal measure by making your services more affordable, more convenient to pay for, and your business generates more revenue quicker by getting paid upfront faster. No more chasing after outstanding invoices and forfeiting a portion of that income to collections agencies. Best of all, financing helps turn new customers into loyal existing customers who recommend your services to others who need tax relief assistance year-round.

Consider all of the ways that your business can benefit from offering tax relief services financing  through Fund My Contract:

Affordable Installments vs One Lump Sum Payment

Customers who need tax relief services are often unable to afford those services. The customer is left to take on the IRS on their own and your business misses out an opportunity to generate more revenue. How many times can your business afford to have that happen before you’re closing up shop?

But when you can offer tax relief services financing  to your customers, everybody wins. Financing allows your customers to pay for the services they need over a series of affordable monthly installments that makes hiring your tax relief business easier to fit into their budget. Your business generates more income, helping you succeed in the marketplace.

Affordable Installments vs One Lump Sum Payment

Boost Your Sales Faster

When you offer financing programs to your customers, they hire your services faster and you bring in more income. Sure, everyone wants a good deal on purchasing the goods and services they need but when it comes to tax relief services, customers want to know they’re hiring the best in the industry.

But, unfortunately, even though your tax relief services come highly recommended and your prices are fair, customers will still try to find the best deal on getting these services and that often means hiring a less experienced tax relief business that isn’t as thorough or detail-oriented just to enjoy a cost savings on the work.
In the end, the other guy’s work is subpar and the customer realizes it far too late. Above all, your business missed out on that revenue.

You can attract customers faster and boost your sales by offering financing options that allow your customers to get the best deal on the services they need through affordable monthly payments. Financing reduces the likelihood of a customer searching for a “better deal” elsewhere and helps to eliminate other customer objections so they can hire your faster and your business generates that revenue instead.

Competitive Advantage

Many small business owners believe that anything you can do to stand out in the marketplace is the key to success. Some of these decisions don’t always work out as expected and can lead to just the opposite happening. A competitive advantage should be a long-term solution for success and that’s precisely what tax relief services financing provides to your business.

Flashy sales gimmicks, price drops, and giveaways are often associated with business that are desperate to attract new customers but, in reality, these marketing ideas fall short of the objective. Customers like to keep it simple, they want high-quality services at a price they can afford. When you can give it to them, that’s when you’ve gained a competitive advantage.

With tax relief services financing through Fund My Contract, you can offer your customers a variety of flexible options in paying for your services instead of making them pay for it all upfront in one large payment. You know your customers best, so you decide what kind of financing programs to offer.

If the tax relief services company across the street isn’t offering customers financing options to pay for tax resolution, shouldn’t you? When customers know you have their best interests at heart in dealing with the IRS, they are more likely to walk through your door instead of the other guy’s. Financing programs demonstrate that your business offers multiple ways to get out of debt and remain debt-free.

Financing programs through our network of third-party lenders help your customers reduce their debt by helping them to avoid the higher interest rates that come with paying for the work you provide on a credit card.

Get Paid in Full, Faster

Tax relief services financing benefits for your business by putting revenue in your pocket in full and faster than it might take when the customer doesn’t have the option of paying over time. Financing through Fund My Contract allows for the customer to choose the financing program that fits his or her budget best, and once approved and the financing arrangement is funded, that money goes directly into your business once the services are rendered.

That means you get paid in full by the lender. The customer makes his or her monthly payment to the financing entity with whom the arrangement has been made. If the customer misses a payment or stops paying the installments altogether, your business keeps the money. You’ve provided tax relief services to the customer, you keep the money that was paid for those services.  The lender is the only responsible party for ensuring the installments are made.

This puts you in charge of providing high-quality tax relief services to the public instead of collecting money on overdue work orders.

Get Paid in Full, Faster

Deliver a Better Customer Experience with Fund My Contract

If you’re ready to generate more revenue and expand your business through higher rates of customer acquisition, it’s time to call Fund My Contract . Speak to one of our tax relief services financing  experts who can walk you through the process of customizing the financing programs that fit your customer base and boost your business volume through a measured and sensible strategy for long-term success.

Your customers will appreciate it and your business will thrive in the marketplace. Contact us today and let’s discuss how financing can work for you.