Cultivating Growth: Providing Financing Choices for Coaches to Broaden Their Reach and Impact

Cultivating Growth: Providing Financing Choices for Coaches to Broaden Their Reach and Impact

Published March 5, 2024

Cultivating Growth: Providing Financing Choices for Coaches to Broaden Their Reach and Impact


Financing Choices for Coaches

Sometimes, even the most astute professional coach needs a little help. Their coaching services remain first-rate and they are revered for their leadership skills. But when their coaching business becomes stagnant and they find themselves working harder to stay relevant in the marketplace, a fresh perspective can do wonders.

For those coaches who are having difficulty bringing in more clients and struggling with revenue growth, the solution may be easier than you think. Fund My Contract has been working with coaches and trainers like you to develop customized strategies for offering financing programs to help give more clients access to the coaching services they require.

Effective leaders realize when they need to reach out for help. Working with Fund My Contract’s network of third-party lenders can be beneficial for making informed decisions and re-establishing a growth mindset that is critical for sustained success.

You have already gained the trust of your clients for your coaching skills. But if you can take it one step further as a leading authority offering guidance in your area of expertise by offering financing programs to help your clients pay for your services, you will find it that much easier to broaden your reach and impact.

The Challenges of Continuous Learning and Revenue Growth

Let’s say a new client is seeking the training program that you currently offer to the general public. This individual has heard about your program either through your marketing channels and previous customers speak very highly of your coaching ability. Now this potential new client is eager to enroll in your training program to gain the valuable knowledge you provide through classroom instruction or one-on-one mentoring.

But when they soon discover the fee for your training program is out of their budget and they don’t have the resources to pay the cost for your class in one lump sum, your potential new client has no choice but to walk away. In the end, you have lost the client and the income that individual represented for this training program.

How many customers can your business stand to lose simply because they can’t pay for your services upfront? Creating a barrier to enrollment in the form of a one-time payment can be devastating to your coaching business.

When you give your clients the ability to pay your enrollment fee over a series of installments, you’re not only making it easier for new and existing clients to enroll in your courses but you are stimulating robust revenue growth for your business.

The Comprehensive Approach to Financing

Fund My Contract can help. We connect you with a diverse network of third-party lenders who can give you the tools you need to achieve more growth by attracting more clients and expanding your business with unique financing options.

When you can present your clients with a range of financing choices that meet their specific needs, you are contributing to the ongoing improvement of your clients and securing the long-term success of your coaching business.

Our network of lenders help you develop the financing options that will increase the spending power of your clients, to enhance their ability to enroll in your training courses without the worry that comes with figuring out how to pay for those courses in one transaction.

You can reduce the barriers to success by giving your clients the opportunity to participate in financing options that offer low monthly installments, promotional one-time interest rates, and flexible terms, all of which make it easier for more clients to hire your services.

When you offer financing options through Fund My Contract, you have a powerful ally on your side, providing the most innovative financing options in the industry today, backed by ongoing support that helps your business thrive and keeps your customers satisfied.

Approach to Financing

The Advantages of Providing Financing Choices to Your Clients

Giving your customers more options in the form of financing engenders more trust in your business and generates increased revenue, helping you grow faster.

How many customers have been unable to take your courses because they can’t pay in one lump sum or they have to “:think about it” because they can’t fit the enrollment fee into this month’s budget. 

But when you offer them financing choices, they tend to make quicker decisions because they know they can split the enrollment fee over monthly payments that are a better fit in any monthly budget. They feel empowered to make a fast decision and that helps your bottom line, now you know your training courses will reach capacity and you can plan for the future with more stability and reach your sales projections. 

Your clients are seeking the expertise you offer, but they may feel financially insecure about enrolling in your training program. When you can give them low impact financing options, it gives them security and peace of mind knowing they have more time to pay for the cost of your program as they can afford low monthly installments over a flexible period of time. 

How long do you want to wait for your clients to “think about it”? Giving them options for financing can eliminate the wait and put more money into your business.

The Many Benefits of Coach Financing with Fund My Contract

Clients who are eager to take part in your coaching courses or one-on-one training programs also want to know they won’t be facing financial hardship in order to gain the education they seek. That’s why it pays to work with Fund My Contract and give your customers more control over their spending.

Becoming part of the Fund My Contract membership can give you advantages to help your business succeed and provide your clients with the options they need for gaining access to your expertise. Converting more sales and generating more revenue are just two of the ways that you can benefit from membership and grow your business faster. 

A Competitive Edge in the Marketplace

You can cultivate a stronger customer base when you are offering your clients the choices that your competitors are not. Coaching services run the gamut across multiple industries and disciplines, it’s important to build your brand and increase your reach so the clients who want an education in the knowledge that you offer can take part in your courses instead of going across the street.

Financing options can make it easier to have a competitive edge so your clients can hire your services instead of taking part in the courses that your competition offers. Your services may be well regarded but if your clients are unable to afford those services, they will look for alternatives.

Faster Conversions, More Enrollees

Clients who need your coaching services may be hesitant to proceed with enrollment because, although the price is fair, it’s out of their budget at the moment.

You can try to convince the prospective client that enrollment is limited and courses are filling up, but at the end of the day, if the client decides not to proceed, you’re not generating that revenue. 

When you offer financing options designed to reduce the pain points of a one lump sum enrollment fee, your conversions are far more likely to increase as your clients feel far more comfortable making monthly payments to pay off the cost of enrollment. There are no more reasons to wait or think about enrolling some other time, you can fill up your courses faster with financing options that make sense for any budget.

Higher Approvals for More Revenue Growth

Offering financing options through Fund My Contract gives you access to a network of lenders who are ready and willing to work with you and your clients to help you achieve success. That’s why we have streamlined the application process and use a wider range of criteria to get more approvals for qualified applicants.

You select the financing options you want to offer to your customers. When one of those customers decides to apply for a financing option, he or she visits our online portal. The application is quick and straightforward, requiring basic personal information and the amount of financing needed for paying off the cost of your training services.

Fund My Contract is about helping your business grow. Higher approvals drive conversions, increase revenue, and attract more clients to your training programs and consulting courses.

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

Increased Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

Providing your new and existing clients with financing options allows you to give your customers what they want – an easier way to pay for the classes they want to take. When you can give them more reasons to hire your services by giving them a choice for paying over time, you are increasing customer satisfaction.

As a result, your clients are going to tell their friends and colleagues about you and your classes. When someone they know asks about the classes you offer, not only will they speak highly of your skills and expertise on the topic in which you provide coaching services, but they will be able to tell those individuals how you offer financing options to make paying for those services more affordable and hassle-free. 

Customer reviews have only grown more popular as of late, with a majority of consumers referring to the reviews of other consumers before making any decisions about a purchase.

Helping others is a cornerstone of your business, when you can help make it easier to pay for your services, new clients take notice and inquire about your coaching programs. 

Maintain Healthy Profit Margins

The last resort of a failing business is to reduce the cost of their products or services in a desperate bid to attract customers. But in the end, these efforts are short-lived as the business doesn’t survive. There’s nothing wrong with offering an introductory rate or a promotional entry fee for new customers, but when running the business relies too heavily on dropping prices, the end is often right around the corner.

The better way to attract more clients is by offering them financing options to pay for your services over low monthly payments.  Most clients don’t have the cash to cover high-ticket items like coaching courses or training programs. So make it easier for them to hire you, not by reducing your costs to razor-thin profits but by providing value at full price through financing choices that fit your customers’ specific needs.

Besides, coaches or consultants who are dropping their prices to rock bottom rates leave clients wondering if their services are really all that valuable. They may think twice about hiring a coach that is offering his or her services at such low cost. One may wonder if that coach is really an authority in his or her field.

Get Paid Fast and Upfront

When you work with Fund My Contract, your clients have the ability to pay for your enrollment fees over a series of monthly installments, but your business gets paid in full, all at once, upfront. The funds available in the financing agreement are intended to go directly to your business at the time of the transaction between you and your client. There is no waiting period for your money, you are paid in full, on demand.

Even more of a benefit, when your client applies for financing and gets approved, that client cannot spend the funds with any other businesses but yours. The money goes into your business and only your business.

Call Fund My Contract Today and Take Control of Your Success

Why wait to succeed? Your clients are eager to enroll in your training programs but they may not be able to pay in one lump sum. Provide them with the financing choices they need to make it easier to enroll and generate revenue to grow your business. Speak with one of our financing experts today to broaden your reach and impact more clients who are seeking your knowledge and authoritative expertise.

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