How Offering Financing Can Transform Your Tax Resolution Business

How Offering Financing Can Transform Your Tax Resolution Business

Published December 4, 2023

How Offering Financing Can Transform Your Tax Resolution Business


How Offering Financing Can Transform Your Tax Resolution Business

You tried all kinds of ideas to attract customers to your tax resolution business. But despite your best efforts, growth and expansion have been difficult. Now is the time to consider tax resolution financing options through Fund My Contract. Our network of lending partners can offer your clients a wide range of financing programs to make it easier for them to resolve their tax situations with the IRS and easier for you to generate more cash flow and continue to grow your business.

Reach More Customers with Multiple Financing Options

Clients who are currently in arrears with tax authorities will seek out expert tax professionals to help them navigate the complex tax laws that are making it even harder to meet their tax bills. They rely on tax resolution service providers like you to help them resolve these debts at a cost savings that makes paying what they owe easier and quicker, without interest and fees.

But the biggest barrier to getting out of debt with the help of a tax resolution company is to hire that service. With a mounting tax bill looming, clients may have less money available to put towards paying for your service in one lump sum. As a result, the debt continues to mount and the client is at a significant disadvantage.

Furthermore, your business continues to struggle as clients are unable to hire you to perform the work they need. But if you were able to offer your customers a variety of choices for paying for those services over time, you and your clients can both benefit.

Help Your Customers Meet Tax Compliance through Financing

You’re familiar with all of the reasons why customers may have difficulties with federal and state tax authorities. Each case is different, requiring a customized approach to solving these issues for the client whether it’s an unfiled return, a mistake on a previous return, or updates in the tax laws that have made it tougher for the client to pay what they owe in taxes. 

When it comes to offering tax resolution financing, the program that fits each client best may also require a specialized approach. Some customers may want affordable monthly payments, other customers may want to take advantage of promotional rates and offers, and then you may have clients who need flexible terms to pay for your services. 

By working with Fund My Contract, you have the capability to cater to all of your customers’ financing needs by offering them access to some of the most innovative financing programs on the market today. 

How Fund My Contract Helps Tax Professionals Grow Their Business Operations

Clients who are seeking out the services of a good tax professional also want a good deal on the cost of those services and when a tax resolution company like yours can meet those needs with financing programs through Fund My Contract, your business benefits in a variety of ways.

Not only can you generate more revenue and attract more customers, but tax resolution financing gets your business paid quicker and without the hassle of chasing after payment on outstanding invoices.

Stand Out in the Marketplace

Every small business owner in any industry is looking for a way to distinguish him or herself from the rest of the pack. Tax resolution is a crowded space and any advantage you can find to gain clients and attract business to build your brand and expand your reach is essential for achieving success in today’s competitive marketplace. 

When you can get an edge on that competition by offering your clients access to payment options that make paying for your services more affordable over time, they are more likely to hire you to help them resolve their tax problems instead of the tax resolution service across the street.

Foster Customer Loyalty

Tax resolution financing gives you the opportunity to meet the needs of your customers in every possible way, from providing them with the best standard of service in dealing with tax authorities in helping settle your clients’ outstanding tax debts and doing it in a way that gives them an option of paying in full or over time. 

When you make it easier to hire you and offer an exceptional service to help solve your customers’ tax problems, a satisfied customer will recommend your firm to others through positive online reviews and personal referrals to friends and colleagues looking for similar services.

Maintain Your Bottom Line

Many struggling businesses will attempt all kinds of last-ditch efforts to continue generating cash flow and stay afloat in a competitive marketplace. The most common is to lower prices to attract customers but, by that point, the damage is done. A business owner who is willing to cut into his or her profit margin to help the business survive is doing everyone a disservice. Customers are turned off because they can tell the company is desperate and that makes them think twice as to the quality of the service.

Financing programs through Fund My Contract can help you attract more customers who are willing to pay full price for your services because they know they can rely on your expertise and trust they have chosen the best tax resolution company to work for them in negotiating with the IRS or state tax authorities.

Convert Sales Faster

When a customer is in need of a tax resolution expert such as yourself, they may still be reluctant to hire you because they are unable to afford the cost of your services right now. Even if you remind a potential customer that the longer they wait, the more interest and penalties accrue on the debt, that customer may still decide to put it off until some other time. 

That elevates the tax risks of the customer and keeps your business waiting to generate more revenue. Avoid both of these problems by offering that customer tax resolution financing, so he or she can decide to hire you now and proceed with a sensible strategy for resolving their tax debts and paying for your services with low monthly payments that can fit into any size budget.

Get Paid Upfront

When you offer your clients access to the most innovative and robust financing programs in the industry, your business thrives because you get paid upfront, when you perform the services for which you have been hired. There are no unpaid invoices or repeated requests for payment, once the client is approved for financing, your tax resolution business receives the full payment for the work.

The client makes monthly payments as per his or her financing agreement to the lender with whom they have entered into an agreement. Your business runs on a specific operating model of providing dependable and efficient tax resolution services. The payment you receive is for the performance of those services and you keep those funds regardless if the client misses a payment or defaults on the financing agreement entirely.

Simply put, once you get paid in full, your involvement in that customer’s financing arrangement comes to an end. This way you focus on helping customers reach tax compliance with the IRS or state, the lender helps the customer pay for your services with a financing program that fits his or her needs.

Get Paid Upfront

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