Tiny House, Container Home, and Shed Financing Opportunities to Win Over Customers

Tiny House, Container Home, and Shed Financing Opportunities to Win Over Customers

Published December 4, 2023

Tiny House, Container Home, and Shed Financing Opportunities to Win Over Customers


Tiny House, Container Home, and Shed Financing Opportunities to Win Over Customers

With all the time, money, and resources you invest in your tiny house and container home builds you know the importance of winning over new customers. While there are many strategies you can employ to bring in these customers, nothing is quite as effective as offering diverse financing options. 

Tiny house, container home, and shed financing opportunities provide choices and paths toward purchasing for customers with diverse needs. After all, not everyone can pay for their tiny home in cash or provide a huge down payment. Financing programs win over potential buyers who might not otherwise consider your services. 

At Fund My Contract, we give you the tools you need to win over buyers with not only tiny house financing options but also container home and shed financing. Read on to find out more about different tiny house, container home, and shed  financing opportunities, and how offering these options will win over new customers. 

Types of Tiny House, Container Home, and Shed Financing Opportunities

There are tiny home financing options that will work for any type of client you may have. From financing for low-credit buyers to reducing monthly payments for those with financial hardships, Fund My Contract has all the solutions you need.

Offer These Opportunities Through Builder Financing

You can offer these loan options to your buyers through builder financing. You’ll connect your customers with lenders that meet their needs, allowing you to expand your client base and increase revenue.

Fund My Contract can help you connect buyers with different lenders and types of loans. We’re partnered with numerous lenders and consumer financing firms eager to compete for your business, ensuring that you receive the most favorable financing solutions.

You can easily navigate our paperless application system, allowing you to complete and review credit applications, receive instant approvals, and close more transactions with immediate customer financing solutions.

Providing these financing opportunities will:

  • Enhance affordability
  • Expand market reach
  • Provide flexibility for buyers
  • Create a competitive edge
  • Foster customer loyalty
  • Streamline the purchase process

Fund My Contract gives you the tools you need to offer builder financing, enabling you to provide customers with the opportunities they want.

Captivating Customers: Winning Strategies in Financing Opportunities for Tiny Houses, Container Homes, and Sheds

Many customers approach the tiny house, container homes, and shed building process not knowing exactly how much their build will cost, or how they’re going to finance the project. By providing knowledge and options to these customers, you’ll be doing your part to win them over. 

Here are the top ways tiny house financing opportunities through Fund My Contract win over customers:

Providing Choices

When tiny house companies offer financing options to customers, this expands customer choice in many ways. They not only have more choices in what financing options work for their circumstances, but also potentially in the types of tiny homes they can pursue. 

For example, if a potential buyer has access to an affordable loan, they might be able to buy that larger, more customized tiny or container house they wanted. This, in turn, reflects positively on your brand and shows that you are willing to work with customers to create their dream homes. 

This same logic applies to customers who aren’t sure if they’d be able to afford your services. Providing financing options makes it easier for them to work with you. 

Don’t risk losing that customer simply because they can’t afford the work at the time of service. Utilizing financing programs through our network of lenders can channel those funds into your business rather than letting them go to the competition.

A Simple Process

Instead of searching for the best options themselves, customers can receive them from you through a more simplified process. Fund My Contract ensures tiny home financing is straightforward for both you and your customers. When you offer financing through our network of lenders, customers can easily select the financing options that work for them.

All they need to do is complete a brief online application. Credit approval is swift, and our partner lenders at Fund My Contract take care of the rest. The application process doesn’t negatively impact their credit score, and loan amounts can be funded within minutes. 

Our network of lenders provides competitive interest rates and promotional period interest rate options for qualifying individuals. This ensures manageable payments for any type of tiny house purchase, regardless of the buyer’s financial situation. 

Once financing is secured, your business receives full payment upfront, and the customer makes monthly payments to the lender as per the agreed terms. Your buyers will be able to afford even the most whimsical and ideal tiny house builds through the fixed monthly payments guaranteed by Fund My Contract.

Bad Credit Score Solutions

A bad credit score can make it extremely difficult for container house and shed buyers to find loans that work for them. Our financial experts at Fund My Contract know this, and work to provide your customers with loan options they can be approved for. 

Through our program, customers with credit scores as low as 580 may still qualify for financing.

This allows you to win over the potential buyers who assumed they wouldn’t be approved for tiny house loans. 16% of Americans (over 41 million adults!) have deficient credit, showing just how important our financing opportunities are for helping you grow your business. 

Addressing Customer Objections

Objections from customers often revolve around the cost, build time and average lifespan of their tiny home. These objections don’t typically stem from your estimates being too high or the materials being low quality, but rather that customers don’t know how to pay for their tiny home upfront. 

The truth is, the vast majority of interested customers don’t have $50,000+ in cash to drop on their new tiny home. 

Luckily, tiny home financing opportunities help to address these concerns. The Fund My Contract network of lending partners provides customers with various options to make their desired build more affordable. Instead of paying for everything upfront, the cost of their new tiny home will be broken into smaller, manageable monthly payments. 

In most cases, customers would hesitate to proceed with a job, regardless of its urgency, if confronted with the prospect of paying the full price out of pocket all at once.

In instances where cost causes customers to hesitate in making a purchase, financing is an excellent solution. Financing options circumvent this problem by offering customers multiple payment choices. Whether they’re looking for a program with low-interest rates or lower monthly payments, your business can present practical solutions to help them afford your tiny house, may it be a container or shed.

Captivating Customers Winning Strategies in Financing Opportunities for Tiny Houses, Container Homes,and-Sheds

Where to Find Diverse Financing Opportunities

You’ll find all the diverse financing opportunities your customers will ever need through Fund My Contract. We’re a multi-lender platform that gives your tiny house, container home, and shed buyers access to a plethora of competitive lenders.

Access to high-quality lenders through us provides:

  • Outrageously high approvals
  • High financing amounts
  • The lowest payments, APRS and fees

Buyers will have the opportunity to find the loans that work for them, at a fraction of traditional housing costs. 

Win Over Customers Today With Tiny House, Container Homes, and Shed Financing

If you want to provide your tiny home buyers with a diverse range of financing options through dependable lenders, look no further. Our financial experts at Fund My Contract have extensive experience connecting builders like you with lenders who can provide personal loans, home equity loans, and more. 

We prioritize swift approvals and seamless funding, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing top-notch tiny house builds to your customers.

If you’re ready to give your buyers the best financing opportunities available, visit our website, or contact us at 800-369-2761 and info@fundmycontract.com. We’re happy to schedule your free consultation!